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This study was undertaken as part of my tertiary education at Curtin University, under the direction of renowned typographic designer Becky Chilcott from Chil3 studio. This editorial layout of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans’ ‘Designing Your Life’ features a completely typographic layout with illustrative full page spreads.

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Lilian Cribb

This branding project was undertaken for Lilian Cribb, a artisan fashion designer and seamstress. The client wished to convey a refined and professional profile which aligned with her design style and aesthetic. The project included logo design, typesetting and branding card design.

Food truck


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This project was undertaken as part of my tertiary studies at Curtin University. The extremely broad brief required the development of an entirely new brand identity for a Chinese food truck to be predominantly located on the Curtin campus. This design process culminated in the roll-out of the new identity to a variety of collateral including decals, packaging and social media.

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Take 5 Study Planner

This project for Expand Education’s sub-brand Take 5 Study was undertaken on a freelance basis. Tory Vidler developed the structure of this planner and passed this on to be designed in a manner that was clear and easy for high school students to navigate. The end result was a 64- page spiral bound planner that was rolled out to students in Semester 1 2020.

Wok and


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This project was undertaken on a freelance basis. Wok and Roll in Mosman Park is a family owned Japanese Restaurant that has been operating for over 21 years. The owner required a basic website build and ongoing social media management. The website features menus and contact information whilst the social media updated regularly with content I have produced.

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The Government Inspector

This project for Scotch College was undertaken on a freelance basis. The absurdist performance revolves around the themes of mystery, anonymity and mistaken identity. The design was created through a combination of physical collage and digital techniques in order to create the desired effect.

Furnace Theatre Co.

PROOF_v1_Visual_Stationary_Furnace Theat

This project for Furnace Theatre Company was undertaken on a freelance basis. The newly formed theatre company required a flexible brand that alluded to its connections with Scotch College but also remained contemporary and progressive. The brand needed to be flexible so that individual productions could exercise their independent brand identities.


-ivism Study

This study was undertaken as part of my tertiary education at Curtin University. Following my semester’s study of the movement of Deconstructivism I was tasked with the creation of an editorial layout of my written case study. Whilst the brief did not require any elements of Deconstructivism to be included I chose to make some subtle allusions to the movement.

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Toby O'Keeffe

Toby is a passionate and driven freelance designer based in Perth, Western Australia. He has been operating on a freelance basis since 2017 and completes work for a number of clients in the corporate, arts, education, trade and hospitality sectors. Toby trades under the name Startled Studio and will occasionally work cooperatively with suppliers or artists to fulfil a client's vision.

Toby's design skills are grounded in graphic design and design thinking, however he does enjoy moving laterally to assist with web, social media and product design projects. With a comprehensive knowledge of print production and industry standards, he is always willing to consult with you and discuss the details of your next physical project or product.

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